Thanksgiving Wishes from Centre GOP


Thanksgiving Wishes from GOP

As we sit at our Thanksgiving tables surrounded by family and friends, may we take time to remember the many blessings bestowed on us.  Maybe it was that new dress for the high school dance when your Mom really needed new shoes, or the college education for which your parents never requested repayment.  You know what they are.  The unconditional love of your spouse, of your children, your family.  The many wonders of your life, its triumphs, challenges, ups and downs.

Let us remember those who have gone before us.  And let us thank the members of our Armed Forces and their families as they perform the tasks of calling, with courage, hope and strength, all for love of our great Nation.

On this Thanksgiving, let each of us think not only about what we have done for others but what we still can do.  There are hundreds of opportunities in our community alone.  Find something, grasp it, give it your all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From your Centre GOP

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