Todd Baney

I am running for School Board Director because of my experience and skills I have developed as an Army Officer, a company executive, and with my MBA degree can be an asset to the school district. I will help work with the budgeting process and decision-making to provide reasonable and feasible options while providing fresh eyes.

Additionally, I feel that the School Board should be apolitical. I will put political differences aside to make sure that all decisions are based on education and education only. All the incumbents running are registered in the same Political Party. I want to insure we aren’t developing an echo chamber amongst our current board.

As a parent of a current eight-grader at PFMS, I am very interested in seeing how the school time change is impacting the district. I, personally, have experienced how education provides a great stepping stone to great better opportunities, but we need to know if scores and grades have improved? Has attendance improved or not? I would like to see the data collected and compared. I have recently spoke with a current board member, who mentioned data is not being collected. How do we know then if this decision is working as expected?