Hank Fifield

Current Position: Centre County Deputy Controller

Why are you running?

I am running for Controller because I want to ensure that the excellent work being done in our office, by our experienced and knowledgeable staff continues. I am deeply committed to providing the accounting support, oversight and guidance to the many offices and agencies throughout county government. As Controller, I would strive to build on all of our prior successes, be a fiscal watchdog, and uphold the high standards the county residents expect and deserve.

Why are you uniquely qualified?

I believe my education, as well as my work experience in the private sector in which I held multiple senior-level finance and operations positions have provided me with the skills needed to function as the Controller. More importantly, I am confident the experience and expertise I have acquired while serving as Centre County’s Deputy Controller makes me uniquely qualified to assume the duties of the Controller.

What are your top three priorities?

These are my top three top priorities and how I plan to address them:

  1. Utilize the experience and knowledge I have gained as Deputy Controller to ensure a seamless transition to the role of Controller. I will continue to acquire the expertise needed to perform the Controller’s specific job duties, so I can immediately provide the effective leadership needed to operate efficiently and to be responsive to the needs of our Centre County citizens.
  2. Continue to earn the Government Finance Officers’ Association’s “Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting” for our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. I will work hard to ensure the Controller’s Office provides the required oversight needed to uphold the high standards of fiscal reporting that Centre County constituents deserve.
  3. Create more user-friendly versions of the county’s complex financial statements to help promote a better understanding of how our tax dollars are spent. By providing more simplified reporting formats, residents will be able to readily access information regarding the county’s revenues, expenditures, and services provided throughout our community.