Mike Hanna–The Facts


X  Mike Hanna served as a Hillary Clinton for President Delegate (www.dos.pa.us)

X  Mike Hanna stated in the Lock Haven Express on October 17, 2014, “It’s a little uncomfortable … knowing that every fifth member of my caucus carries a gun at all times … The solution is a little better police protection, not more guns.  Guns belong in the woods…”

Mike Hanna voted against emergency funding for Bucktail Medical Center during the budget impasse (HB 1801 2016)

X  Mike Hanna voted to increase the state income tax by 16% (HB 283 2015)

X  Mike Hanna voted to increase his taxpayer funded pension by 50% (HB 26 2001)

Mike Hanna took the illegal midnight pay raise (Office of the Chief Clerk, PA House of Representatives)

X  Mike Hanna has collected almost $500,000 in expenses since taking office, most of it being tax-free income (Office of the Chief Clerk, PA House of Representatives)

X  Mike Hanna got his son a $100,000 a year job with Governor Wolf (www.witf.org 2016)

X  Mike Hanna voted for a 70.3% increase in Lock Haven University tuition & fees as a member of the PASSHE Board of Governors (PASSHE Official Records)

X  Mike Hanna voted to toll interstate 80 (HB 1590 2007)

X  Mike Hanna voted to divert money away from our local schools and send it to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh (HB 1589 2016)

X  Mike Hanna supported a plan to enact new taxes on diapers, day care, college tuition, textbooks and funeral services (HB 1192 2016)

Mike Hanna voted against legislation that would penalize employers who hire illegal immigrants instead of giving jobs to American citizens (HB 439 2011)

Mike Hanna supported Tom Wolf’s liberal tax and spend agenda – spearheading the effort to push through a historic $3.8 billion tax increase on working families and seniors (HB 1073 2016)

X  Mike Hanna voted for a $60 billion state version of Obamacare which would have nearly tripled the state’s annual budget (HB1 2009)

X  Mike Hanna voted SEVEN TIMES to increase taxes – totaling over $11 billion (HB 20 2003; HB 1531 2001; SB 1155 2010; HB 1060 2013; HB 1177 2014; HB 504 2015; HB 283 2015)

X  Mike Hanna voted to use our tax dollars to fund abortion clinics (HB 2489 2002)

Mike Hanna Co-Sponsored the “Bathroom Bill” legislation to make sex- specific bathrooms, locker rooms and showers illegal (HB 1510 2016)

Mike Hanna pushed for massive wage tax cuts for wealthy Philadelphia commuters (HB 39 2006)





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