Kansas & Maine: Challenging the perpetuation of poverty.

Food stamps: Food for thought BY THE TRIBUNE-REVIEW See full article here. The success of government food stamps’ perpetuation of poverty is being challenged by Kansas and Maine, which are returning recipients to work and taking a bite out of destitution. The floodgates to food stamps opened wide after the Obama administration allowed states to […]

2016 Primary – PA State & National Republican Winners

NATIONAL Presidential Candidate – Donald Trump U.S. Senate – Pat Toomey U.S. Representative 5th District – Glenn Thompson STATE Attorney General – John Rafferty Auditor General – John Brown Treasurer – Otto Voit 76th Legislative District Representative – Stephanie Borowicz 81st Legislative District Representative – Rich Irvin 171st Legislative District Representative – Kerry Benninghoff 5th […]

PA Legislature Works Together on Education

A big day for education in state Capitol Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill, Guest Columnist See full article here. Article III, Subsection B, Section 14 of the Pennsylvania Constitution states, “The General Assembly shall provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education to serve the needs of the Commonwealth.” When […]

April Chairman’s Blog

Fixed elections, votes aren’t counted, and the Establishment is selecting the candidate. Republican Party Politics, you say. NOPE this is the Democratic Party. Internal fighting, civil war, that’s the GOP, right? WRONG – It’s the Democratic Party in 2016. Let’s look at how the Democrats are handing us Secretary Clinton as a nominee. She loses Primary after Primary […]

April 15 – Your Taxes & Green Energy

By: The Tribune-Review Article Link Another green energy company generously infused with taxpayer subsidies is circling the drain after reports that it overstated its cash flow. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing by a subsidiary, solar energy giant SunEdison faces a “substantial risk” of bankruptcy, USA Today reports. SunEdison also is under investigation […]

Harrisburg-PA House votes to reward volunteers with tax credits

Full Article Link By: Miles Snyder HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Legislation that would allow local governments to offer tax credits to volunteer firefighters is headed to the state Senate. The state House on Monday unanimously approved House Bill 1683. The measure would grant municipalities, county governments, and school districts the authority to offer active volunteers […]