Thank you for your interest in supporting the issues that matter to Centre County voters.

To support the vital grass roots work that our local, state, and national party depend on, the Centre County GOP depends on financial support from local voters. While the work of our local party certainly includes volunteer workers, financial support is critical to our efforts throughout the year.

You can support us with one-time or recurring payments. 

We value being as responsive as possible to the Republican constituency in Centre county. Being properly funded will help us to be equipped to maintain infrastructure critical to knowing where Centre County voters stand on the issues, and to be able to effectively GET OUT THE VOTE. Be assured that your gifts will be stewarded with care, and used strategically and efficiently.

Thank you!

We need poll watchers willing to observe and record interaction that happen at each precinct.  This requires that each person have a Poll Watcher Certificate.  Poll watchers must be registered Republicans.  We can have one poll watcher that represents the CCGOP, and a poll watcher for each candidate at each poll.  

Let’s show them we are turning up the heat and taking the re-election of our president very seriously!

Are You Willing to Help Re-Elect Our President and Elect Candidates in Centre County to represent your values?

If Yes; email Penny Burkett of the Centre County GOP Committee at:

President Trump in Montoursville, Pa. May 20, 2019