Common Ground and Campaign Season Kicks Off

Looking back on Grange Fair one last time I was amazed at the emotions we encountered at our booth. The comments were across the spectrum, from 100 percent in favor to people pointing to a photo of President Trump and without hesitation calling him ‘the most disgusting person on the planet”.

Think about that, an American citizen calling the President of the United States the “most disgusting” on the planet. This man put President Trump ahead of ISIS, Vladimir Putin or the leader of North Korea. I was stunned by the vitriol but instead of getting in a shouting match with the man, I replied with a simple question, “You know what is great about America”? he was ready because he responded quickly “We are free to have our own opinions”? I nodded and said “Yes” and added “Have a nice day” and he started walking away.

There it was, we were never going to agree on anything about the President, and I am guessing about public policy, but we can agree on a cornerstone of the country. We are FREE to have our own opinions and can share them. That is a minimalist area of agreement.

Grange Fair 2017 will be remembered as the year a new friendly competition started. In the past the County Democrats and the County Republicans held a voter registration contest during Grange Fair, that contest ended a few years ago. This year in a show of Unity, we started a food drive for local food banks. The contests name, We CAN work together to fight hunger locally, was it successful yes, because without much media coverage two political parties were able to help residents of Centre County fill their cupboards with a little more food. But even more importantly the goal was helping people. We did that even if it was a little bit. No rhetoric, no anger, no grandstanding, two parties two booths promoted food donations, it wasn’t democrat brand canned goods or republican non-perishables it was local people helping their neighbors. I would call that Common Ground.

Campaign season is here and we are looking for volunteers to help elect our County Judicial Candidate Ron McGlaughlin and our District Magisterial Judicial Candidate Dave White along with the entire Statewide Judicial slate. We need help going door to door or making phone calls. It was great having Ron and Dave at the booth so much, so many people responded positively when they could put the face to the name. Both candidates are working hard, can you volunteer your time and help them be victorious in November?

Final thought, say a prayer for Texas and Florida.

Be Well

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