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November 14, 2016

It is hard to believe but the election has been over for a week. Thanks to your efforts and votes we won the presidency! Donald J Trump will be inaugurated in January!

We also won the most expensive Senatorial Race in history re-electing Pat Toomey, and we have sent the hardest working Congressman in the country back to DC and we are grateful to be the home county of Congressman Thompson.

Centre County Re-elected State Representatives Benninghoff and Irvin.

It was a great night, but we did not run the table.

We have missed opportunities, in the Commonwealth with the Attorney General, Treasurer and Auditor General races and in the 76th district. What an inspired race Stephanie Borowicz ran!  

But we must now look at 2017, the GOP in DC now controls both houses of Congress and the White House and people are going to expect RESULTS!

Our party ran on a set of platforms and the voters expect it to be implemented.

The election of 2016 showed that the electorate is tired of the old ways and when pressed they will come out to vote. It is the job now of our Washington DC elected officials to get things done and sooner rather than later. People are watching and they won’t wait 4 years to vote the other way.

2017 is a year filled with promise based on the promises made in 2016.

The whole world is watching it is our time to produce.

There’s much that needs to be done and I ask you to join us in helping solve problems.

Stay involved, and bring friends, there is a lot more to do.

Be Well


November 1, 2016

It is November, the election is 7 days away. Let me ask you a few questions.

Are you free to vote?

Are you free to stand at a poll and promote the GOP ticket as your neighbors and friends come to the polls?

Are you free to make calls reminding people to get out and vote?

Are you free to drive people to the polls?

–  There are 7 days left before Pennsylvania elects a President/Vice-President.
–  There are 7 days left to elect a United States Senator.
–  There are 7 days left to elect a United States Representative.
–  There are 7 days left to elect an Attorney General, a State Treasurer and an Auditor General in Pennsylvania.
–  There are 7 days left to elect a Representative to the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

As you can see in 7 days there are a lot of important positions open for voting. Each position has an impact on your everyday life. Each position needs your vote.

Can I ask you now for a few hours to help us on Election Day?

Please call the County GOPHeadquarters at 814-380-2715.

There are 7 days before we vote; the party needs you. Call or email today please.

Be Safe,

September 13, 2016


The real season is here; it is a short season because it is 56 days long. It is intense and emotional and sometimes you wonder why you are involved.

The season I am discussing is not fantasy football; there is no fantasy in this at all. Truth is, in November one side will declare victory and one side will wait for another opportunity.

Election Day is 56 days away. Will America elect MRS Clinton or MR Trump, will PA re-elect Senator Toomey, will the 5th Congressional District re-elect Congressman Thompson, will Representatives Benninghoff and Irvin be re-elected and will Stephanie Borowicz be elected in PA-76?

Have you signed up to volunteer? Can you go door to door and spread the word? Would you make phone calls? Would you fill bags with literature we can distribute to voters?

This year 2016 there is a lot at stake in Washington, DC and in Harrisburg.

Elections matter. Think about the Supreme Court. Nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

Elections matter. We are electing a new State Attorney General. Why?  Because the last one we elected is waiting to be sentenced for committing felonies; SHE BROKE THE LAW, when she took an oath to uphold it.

We are electing a new State Treasurer, why? He broke the law too.

The election cycle of 2016 is not just the Super Bowl, i.e. the Presidency.

No, 2016 is like the Olympics and there are a lot of places for Republicans to win GOLD!

Go to our website and volunteer – every little bit helps.

There is more to campaigning than commercials on television or talk radio.

In the next 56 days can you give us some of your time and talents?

We Need YOU. Please go to the website and Volunteer

Be Well,



July 8, 2016

The firework displays hadn’t cooled yet from the 4th of July celebrations and our streets are on fire again.  How did we get here?

The country is not “UNITED;”  in fact, if we had 24-hour news coverage in the late 1850’s and compared tapes to this week only the clothes would be different.

The citizenry is being pulled apart like taffy displays at the beach.  Who is doing the pulling? I ask that because everyone has a different theory or scapegoat.

How did we go from a United States of America on September 12, 2001 to this?  I have asked this question on a regular basis and it isn’t getting better, it is worse.  We are being put into camps, and played against each other.  Trump vs Clinton, Black vs White, Police vs Citizens, and then the media drags you into the debate.  Social media keeps it going, factually or not.

There is one person that can solve the problems of division and hate, and you are asking who?

Look in the mirror and let’s start there.  Let’s start speaking to each other, how about a smile and a friendly gesture.  The repairs aren’t going to happen right away; it did not unravel in 24 hours so a quick fix will not take place. That too is part of the problem. We have become instant gratification robots.  But let’s start today going forward and reaching out to your neighbors, your co-workers, and people you see in an elevator.

“Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are PRECIOUS in HIS Sight.”  Let’s go forward with a mindset of coming together.

I believe in the citizens of America and they are good.  When we work together nothing can stop us!

America has 2 choices:  we can UNITE or we can fall off the wall and Humpty Dumpty can’t be put together again.  I support uniting!  How about you?

Be Well,


June 13, 2016

A Soldier of Hate struck again this weekend.  This time in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

This evil person went to a gathering and killed 49 and wounded 53 more, why?

Because his heart is filled with hate, he called 911 during the killing and proclaimed his allegiance to ISIS. He took moral judgement on the people in the club and carried out his brand of vengeance on the attendees.

Now we are once again mourning the loss of many at the hands of a bad person and as usual we as Americans are doing what we do best. We are once again arguing over the incident because many people out there blame the tool used in the killing and not the killing itself!

I spent three hours last night on Twitter and half the tweets are blaming the gun, not the triggerman.

On 9/11 terrorists used airplanes, at the Boston Marathon pressure cookers; terrorism uses whatever means and tools necessary to spread murder and mayhem.  They seek out vulnerable spots and attack.

The ideology of hate is spreading and we as Americans are fighting amongst ourselves.

The Republican Party needs to be united for a victory in November, I have begged for that all year.

But now it is even more important that all Americans stand united to defend our families, friends, and neighbors and YES even those we disagree with, because we are all Americans!

What makes America great are its citizens, let us show the forces of hate the American way of life will not be deterred by their radical ideas on how to live.

We hold these truths to be self-evident that ALL men are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Let us stand together, regardless of party, religious, or any other difference that outside forces push to tear us apart.

Orlando you are in our prayers.

Be Well,


April 18, 2016

Fixed elections, votes aren’t counted, and the Establishment is selecting the candidate. Republican Party Politics, you say. NOPE this is the Democratic Party.

Internal fighting, civil war, that’s the GOP, right? WRONG – It’s the Democratic Party in 2016. Let’s look at how the Democrats are handing us Secretary Clinton as a nominee. She loses Primary after Primary and her lead grows. Why? Super Delegates, that’s right.

While the media likes to accuse the GOP of power brokers running our nominating process, the Democrats have a growing number of insiders going for Clinton over Senator Sanders. In the “Regular” count the difference is 220, in the “Super” category the lead is 438! She gets more even in states where Sanders wins. HOW?

On April 26 Democrats will select a US Senate candidate and an Attorney General candidate, along with a Presidential candidate. Watch those ads. They get harsher and harsher as we get closer to Election Day.

You won’t hear it from media outlets, why??

It is very simple. For the other Party to win in November, they must divide and conquer our Party. The old worn out plans of the Left only win in elections when Republicans stay home!!

There are serious issues that need to be addressed and our candidates have much better solutions than the same old tax it and then throw money at it.

Do not fall for the “civil war” of the GOP. After the Primary and convention, we must stand united as a Party! Remember, Ronald Reagan said a person that agrees with you 80% of the time is a friend.

This year’s election is ours for the winning if we stand together as a Party in November.

On Primary Day VOTE your conscience, select the candidates that you connect with the most BUT if that candidate is not successful on Primary Day, do not sit out the General Election. This election is too important to skip.

Let’s be united, and let’s win in November!

Be well,


March 30, 2016

Wolf-Hanna Rhetoric Tour Comes to Bellefonte

On March 29, Governor Tom Wolf said people in the United States have lost faith in government. Coming off of a nine-month budget delay that left schools, universities and non-profits in a state of uncertainty, his assessment rings particularly true for Pennsylvania.

“We need to do everything we can to promote the trust we need to have from citizens of Pennsylvania,” said Wolf. “That’s what makes democracy work.”

Speaking to reporters in Bellefonte Wolf, says he has a plan to regain that trust. It’s called ‘Government That Works,’ five proposals to reform government that Wolf believes the legislature could enact to strengthen the barriers between state leaders and special interest groups.

If Tom Wolf and Mike Hanna were truly interested in making our government work better, they’d start reaching across the aisle and work with Republicans especially after the recent budget impasse. Tom Wolf and Mike Hanna aren’t interested in government reform – just higher taxes on hardworking families.  Both Tom Wolf and Mike Hanna’s idea of a government that works involves holding our school kids and social services hostage in exchange for tax hikes.
Wolf was joined by Centre County Commissioner Mark Higgins and State Rep. Mike Hanna of Lock Haven. Hanna told reporters afterwards that “government reform is a nonpartisan issue,” yet they conveniently forgot to contact one of the many Republican lawmakers in the area to attend.  How do Tom Wolf and Mike Hanna think they can reach across the aisle when they won’t even tell Republican elected officials they’re in town?

The people of the 76th Legislative District deserve better than the same tired political games they’ve seen from Tom Wolf and Mike Hanna. Voters gave Tom Wolf and Mike Hanna plenty of changes to reform our government, and it’s time we send them a message by sending a new Representative to Harrisburg.

Steve Miller

March 15, 2016

Open vs Closed Primaries

Pennsylvania’s Primary will not take place until April. The media is pushing the idea that after today the nomination will be wrapped up. Here is something to think about as we go through the delegate count tonight. States like South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Michigan, Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri all hold OPEN primaries! Yes, that’s right: 12 states through March 15 award delegates to Republican candidates although they allow anyone that is registered to vote in a Republican Primary.

How do you feel as a Republican knowing your nominee in these states and many more after today, will be selected by Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, or the ever growing non-affiliated, not by Republican voters?

We are Republicans and by all means our nominee should be decided by ONLY Republicans – not voters in other parties or the MEDIA!

General Elections are made for ALL voters, not Primaries.

Get Involved and be well!


February 17, 2016

The Constitution lost a strong defender this weekend.

Justice Scalia was the voice of reason and a steady vote in favor of the Constitution. His passing is another reason why this election is so critical to the future of our Republic. The idea that President Obama will appoint anyone that is the antithesis of what Justice Scalia stood for should scare all of us!

The next President will have the responsibility to replace up to 4 justices, 4 of 9. We have lived through many 5-4 decisions that hurt freedom and killed the economy, i.e. Obamacare.

Imagine what can happen if Obama or Hilary Clinton can place 4 justices on the court?

The Black Robes would actually decide everything. Forget the legislative branch, forget the executive branch, nine black robes would control this country.

So as you look at the Republican candidates running for the Presidency, listen to their thoughts on the Constitution. That should be part of why you support one over another. It is time for us to use a litmus test on Presidential candidates based on who they would nominate for the US Supreme Court.

The Constitution is what we are supposed to stand for, and our party’s nominee should have a strong litmus test for potential Supreme Court Justices. What are your thoughts on the Constitution? See, very tough..

Rest in peace Justice Scalia.


October 27, 2015

Here we are, one week away from a monumental election.

Three Supreme Court Justices will be elected and forever change the court. The Republican candidates are Constitutional followers NOT Scholars; meaning, they will not revise it but FOLLOW it.

Centre County has a judgeship race as well. Ron McGlaughlin is an experienced and qualified man. He will make a great JUDGE.

Our Commissioners Steve Dershem and Chris Exarchos have proven they know how to do the job, they have balanced budgets, not raised taxes and kept the county moving into the 21st Century without spending millions more than previous commissioners said it would cost. The choices are simple – experienced professionals or TAX and SPEND Liberals.

The rest of our team has the experience our county needs and deserves.

Do not fall for a slick marketing campaign, ladies and gentlemen. We do not need an officeholder that is nothing more than a slogan. You don’t hire a policeman because they are a fireman. That is the lie being presented in the Register of Wills race. Our candidate, Christine Millinder, works in the office; in fact, she is Acting Register of Wills.

Our Sheriff candidate, Bryan Sampsel, works in the office and is endorsed by his supervisor, the retiring Sheriff and Democrat, Denny Nau. Sheriff Nau has put professionalism over politics.

The Recorder of Deeds, Joe Davidson, has brought the office he oversees into the electronic age; not all counties in Pennsylvania are, and I can say that personally because of my day job.

Experience matters, and our Republican team has a professional background providing Centre County with quality service on all levels of County Government.

Now it is your turn. Work a poll, bring a friend to the polls and, most importantly, VOTE.

We need you on Tuesday, November 3!

Stay Well!


October 2015

Patriots are few and far between. I think we have lost one.

Tom Smith came out of nowhere and became our Party’s nominee against Senator Casey in 2012. Mr. Smith was going to Washington with a plan to return our government to the principles of the Constitution. He was a kind, sincere man and, more importantly, he put his words into action. He was a self-made man, a husband and father. He and his wife rescued an entire family after their biological children were older. He loved being a grandfather.

He was a self-made man through the now novel concept of hard work. I got to know him through the television program I hosted and through GOP Party events.

We lost a very nice gentleman way too soon. It was a pleasure to have known him.

Losing someone too soon should remind you to not let little things be overlooked, cherish each day, let others know you love them. Take care of each other.

Safe home, Mr. Smith.


June 2015

Today is a monumental day in my opinion of the Judiciary. I always believed that merit selection was the proper way to staff the judicial branch of government. I was wrong and here is my example.

The United States Supreme Court has rewritten law once again, when it comes to The Affordable Healthcare Act. Justice Scalia in his minority opinion actually said the law should now be called “SCOTUS” Care. His opinion is spot on; the Supreme Court has rewritten a law. That is NOT what the Supreme Court is responsible for under our Constitution. Its job is to interpret laws as constitutional.

I use this as an example because in November voters will be able to elect Judges in all three levels of statewide court, the Commonwealth, Superior, and Supreme Court. The Republican Party has 5 excellent nominees for these courts, it is extremely important for you to learn about these candidates. Look to our webpage as a source of information, but I challenge you to research even more! It is so easy to blame all of your problems on the Legislature or the Executive Branches of government either at the state or federal level. But make no mistake; a court can impair your life faster and worse than another branch of the government.

You as voters can decide on your judiciary at the State level, and the judiciary is accountable to you the voters. Look into the opinions that these candidates have issued previously, it is a good indication as to the way they will interpret laws, or rewrite them!

Accountability to the electorate on all levels of government is the only way citizens can have a check and balance on your governmental officials.

Become engaged in your government and Be Well!



April/May 2015 Entry:

Stay on the Path

The Primary is 14 days away and there are many quality individuals looking for your votes. The contested races are in the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court where 3 positions are open for votes. Locally there are 2 contested primaries, Register of Wills and Sheriff. Republicans will make the selections at the ballot box on May 19th. That is when the votes will be taken.

However here are some of the events that are in play right now to distract you, the Republican voter from the primary.

This week a handful of potential candidates have announced their plans to run for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2016! Folks we have a primary and a general election in front of us BEFORE we begin the process of selecting a nominee. The never stopping web of deceit that is called the CLINTONS is in full gear too, did they sell Uranium to Putin, accept bribes, and not report their taxes. Did they or did they not? Who cares right now, that is a 2016 issue.

Our cities are rioting, fighting and experiencing civil disturbances and potential terrorist attacks. Television has 24 hours, 7 days a week time to fill. The never ending “go to” spot on the various channels as they put a reporter and a camera in the heart of a skirmish in our cities’ streets has made us think we are on the brink of a civil war.

Finally the local Democrats have decided to flood the right of ways and air waves with ads about their office seekers. Folks they will NOT be on your ballot in May. The general election is in November and I can assure you that all of our slate of candidates will put their EXPERIENCE and QUALIFICATIONS up against their names on a ballot.

Elections are marathons not sprints, the Primary is the first 6 miles and the general election the final 20, stay the course on this Primary. Go Vote, invite a friend or three to go along and vote. Make sure they are registered and if not register them so they can vote in the General.

Stay the Course My Friends



 March/April 2015 Entry:

2015 is a great time to be a Republican in Centre County!

Petitions have been circulated and we are set for the primary on May 19th. It is a critical primary in the Commonwealth and locally. I encourage Republicans to learn about the outstanding set of Judicial Candidates running for the PA Supreme Court. You as the voter have an opportunity to elect three Constitutionally Responsible Justices. There are races locally as well, Sheriff and Register of Wills, along with municipal, school board and in some areas district justice races.

Elections matter, primaries matter, it is your responsibility as an American to VOTE! I invite you to attend our candidate forum April 24th in Philipsburg.

The Centre County GOP has a mission to provide you the voters as much information as possible about candidates. Informed voters are engaged voters and the Centre County GOP plans to inform you.

In 2015 GOP means Grow Our Party.. Come out to our events and bring a friend or 2.

Stay Engaged!