From Our Chairman – Redrawing Congressional Maps

I only asked one question… Why Now?

By now you have probably heard that the PA Supreme Court has instructed the Legislature to redraw Congressional maps for the 2018 election by February 9, 2018. If it isn’t done by then the 4 Justices in the majority declared, they would do it. Understand these maps will determine what person can run for a specific seat and that petitions for ballot access can be signed starting February 13, even though the ruling date is February 15.

How can you sign a petition if there is still a question what district you may reside? All this is done for the 2018 mid-term election, why?

Is it odd that the Supreme Court ruled 4-3 is a democrat majority?

Is it odd they ruled less than a week after the “NON-PARTISAN” League of Women Voters argued before the court?

Is it odd that the new maps have a deadline that will directly impact circulation of petitions?

Congressman Thompson along with other PA Congressman issued a joint statement:

“Yesterday’s misguided decision by the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court is an unfortunate example of the judicial branch inserting itself into the core functions of the legislative branch. Today’s congressional maps were drafted and approved by both Republicans and Democrats. It also comes on the eve of a midterm election.”

Senator Scarnatti and Speaker Turzai have filed a stay petition with the PA Supreme Court in the League Case.

When will it be decided, stay tuned.

Just ask yourself, why now?

Be Well,

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