From Our Chairman – An act of Pure Evil

This may be the most controversial blog I have written since 2014.

NO ONE… not one person in our country, from either party, wants a child to be afraid to go to school— however, once again, the country is pulled apart. This time over an act of evil in Florida. A bad person got into a school and used a rifle to kill 17. He planned how he would get in, he had smoke bombs to set off after pulling a fire alarm, and since he was a former student he knew the procedure on what happens after an alarm. This was an “inside” job.

But what is being argued by many is his weapon of choice. If he used a 40-caliber or a 9mm pistol with three magazines would that have been less deadly? Again, it’s the gun, not the bad person.

We now know law enforcement was given a heads up about this bad guy before he acted, just like the Air Force dropped the ball on the shooter in that Texas Church. Two examples of failure of law enforcement, two shootings in gun free zones.
But again, we are focused on the tool not the act! Why?

Nikolas Cruz, Florida School Shooter Charged with 17 Counts of Murder.

Stop calling him crazy, stop using terms like insane, what was done here is an act of pure evil!

Until we can look in a person’s heart and see if it is evil, bad things will continue to happen.

The other part of the argument is that the NRA, the National Rifle Association, is also responsible and that any politician that takes money from them is guilty too.

Let’s flip that argument in another direction, if a politician takes money from a car manufacturer is he responsible for highway deaths? How about donations from liquor companies by that same argument they are responsible for drunk driving deaths. One more telephone companies, texting and driving crashes, you see where this lead, right?

How about one more, if you are a politician and you get money from Planned Parenthood, how many deaths are your responsibility?

It would be a better place if you investigated the hearts of people to see if evil resides there, but you know what, bad people lie, like on a background check for purchasing a gun. They steal, like breaking into a home and stealing guns. In a perfect world there isn’t death or theft or hate but this world is not perfect. Men have established laws that not everyone follows.

Evil uses any means necessary, a stone, knife, car, airplane, drugs or a gun. Stop blaming the tool and start looking at why people kill.

We cannot regulate morality.

That is God’s job!

Be safe and watch out for each other,

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