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Fixed elections, votes aren’t counted, and the Establishment is selecting the candidate. Republican Party Politics, you say. NOPE this is the Democratic Party.

Internal fighting, civil war, that’s the GOP, right? WRONG – It’s the Democratic Party in 2016. Let’s look at how the Democrats are handing us Secretary Clinton as a nominee. She loses Primary after Primary and her lead grows. Why? Super Delegates, that’s right.

While the media likes to accuse the GOP of power brokers running our nominating process, the Democrats have a growing number of insiders going for Clinton over Senator Sanders. In the “Regular” count the difference is 220, in the “Super” category the lead is 438! She gets more even in states where Sanders wins. HOW?

On April 26 Democrats will select a US Senate candidate and an Attorney General candidate, along with a Presidential candidate. Watch those ads. They get harsher and harsher as we get closer to Election Day.

You won’t hear it from media outlets, why??

It is very simple. For the other Party to win in November, they must divide and conquer our Party. The old worn out plans of the Left only win in elections when Republicans stay home!!

There are serious issues that need to be addressed and our candidates have much better solutions than the same old tax it and then throw money at it.

Do not fall for the “civil war” of the GOP. After the Primary and convention, we must stand united as a Party! Remember, Ronald Reagan said a person that agrees with you 80% of the time is a friend.

This year’s election is ours for the winning if we stand together as a Party in November.

On Primary Day VOTE your conscience, select the candidates that you connect with the most BUT if that candidate is not successful on Primary Day, do not sit out the General Election. This election is too important to skip.

Let’s be united, and let’s win in November!

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