From Our Chairman – 7 Days till the Primary!

Here we go 7 days till the primary, have you signed up work a poll, make phone calls or help get voters to the polls?

This year’s primary has a lot of activity on television and in your mailbox. Races for for the US Senate, PA Governor and LT Governor in May determine who will be best to win a general election in November.

It is your chance to vote on the people to challenge a “do-nothing” US Senator and the most liberal Governor in the country.

The PA GOP endorsed candidates at our winter meeting and those candidates are

  • Congressman Lou Barletta – US Senate
  • State Senator Scott Wagner – Governor
  • Jeff Bartos – LT Governor

If you notice others are running, others have visited our county and others are advertising.

No one in this county has suppressed your vote, an endorsement is just that not a demand of who you must support.

The only person that can suppress your vote is you by not voting in the primary.

There are 2 other races for voters in the County, well 2 for half the voters, and one for the entire county.

Thanks to the PA Supreme Court we now have 2 congressional districts in Centre.

Half of you live in the 12th Congressional and half in the 15th, the half in the 12th now have a GOP primary.

The final contested race is for County Chairman.

There are many reasons to vote next week, I encourage all of you to get to the polls and vote, reach out to candidates you admire and help and most importantly stay active post primary for a GOP victory in November.

Be Well

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